SOAR Workshop

 The Soaring was very beneficial.   It helped me learn how to reconnect to my inner self.  A foundational must!    M.C.

Renee is so kind . . . her workshops are a joy to be in.   J.M.

Renee has a wide open heart and deep intuitive gifts.  She brought all of that to the workshop today.  I left feeling inspired, open and loved.  I have a powerful tool that I can return to again and again. M.K.R.

SOAR workshop is relaxing, peaceful and calming.   It gives me a process to use for all kinds of challenges.  L.K.

SOAR workshop is soothing and insightful.  Each participant to is able experience their own personal process within the group experience.    Renee provides a calm and peaceful environment. This workshop will be helpful to women who have suffered emotional abuse or trauma.  K.C.


Renee's counseling helped me get through a difficult time.  She was a really good listener and her advice was useful and insightful.  It brought me back to alignment with myself and Source.    J.M.

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